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Generating Income
Power Plants:
Build more of these in order to increase the rate at which you process resources. To observe how fast you are currently processing resources, deselect everything so that the bottom menu shows a blue and green bar. When the bar is completely green, you will receive a burst of income and begin to process the next batch of resources.

Territory determines how much income your receive once you finish processing a batch of resources. It is determined on a linear basis as shown below:

25% - $200
40% - $320
50% - $400
60% - $480
75% - $600

There are two ways to gain territory. The easiest method is to manufacture buildings. Some buildings contribute more to your territory than others (turrets being the least, then power plants, barracks, war factory, missile silo, and finally your main base). The last method is to train units and send them out from your base. Near your base they will contribute close to nothing, but send them towards the outskirts of the map and you'll find your territory increasing by a significant amount.

Building Management
Constructing Buildings:
In order to construct a building you must have a main base. Click on the main base to bring up a menu listing all the buildings. By hovering over the image of a building, you can bring up its description along with its price and the max number of the specific building you can construct.

Repairing Buildings:
So your base just took on a heavy attack and you need to repair. To begin the repairing process, click on the damaged structure. The bottom menu will change to show the specific building's actions. In the top right of the menu you will see an image of a wrench. Clicking on the wrench will start repairing the building, but at the cost of a slow trickle from your cash. Still, repairing a building is much cheaper than having to construct a new one.

Selling Buildings:
To sell a building, click on it and look towards the bottom right of the lower menu. Click on the dollar sign button to instantly sell the building. By hovering over the button, you can see how much you will receive for the sell.

Building Functions
Power Plant:
Build more of these in order to increase the rate at which you process resources. See 'Generating Income' for more detail.

Max Number: 3
Cost: $800

Building a barracks allows you to build three types of units (segway infantry, rocket infantry, and sky troopers). Each barracks can have up to a 5 unit cue that will continue to train units automatically.

Max Number: 2
Cost: $1400

War Factory:
Building a war factory allows you to build two types of units (light tank and cannon rover). These units are stronger and more powerful than infantry. The war factory can have up to a 5 unit cue that will continue to train units automatically.

Max Number: 1
Cost: $1800

Missile Silo:
Depending on which side your playing, the missile silo will offer you a different kind of super weapon (GDA manufacture nukes, Renegade manufacture toxic shocks).

Max Number: 1
Cost: $2000

Defense Turret:
This stationary turret is capable of incurring heavy damage on attacking enemy units. When first constructed this building can not attack air units, but can be upgraded by selecting the defense turret and clicking the upgrade button in the lower menu.

Max Number: 1
Cost: $2000

Super Weapons
Depending on which side your playing, a different kind of super weapon is available.

The GDA missile silo lets you manufacture a nuke capable of destroying enemy turrets and power plants (only with direct hits). All other buildings will be severely damaged, draining enemy cash as they repair. Arming the nuke takes 5 minutes.

Max Number: 1
Cost: $1000

The Renegade missile silo lets you manufacture a toxic shock which will send down streams of missiles armed with explosives tainted with the Renegade Virus. Enemy buildings will take damage, but the enemy units will be converted if hit by a missile. This weapon is less predictable than the nuke, and could do more or less damage depending on where the missile streams hit the ground. Arming the toxic shock takes 3 minutes.

Max Number: 1
Cost: $1000

Unit Stats
Below is the list of units along with some hidden statistics that you won't see in the game.

Segway Infantry:
Speed: 6
Armor: 100
Attack: 15 (Ground Only)
Fire Rate: 10
Range: 150
Max Number: 10
Cost: $70

Rocket Infantry:
Speed: 4
Armor: 120
Attack: 30 (Ground/Air)
Fire Rate: 30
Range: 200
Max Number: 10
Cost: $120

Sky Trooper:
Speed: 8
Armor: 75
Attack: 16 (Ground/Air)
Fire Rate: 9
Range: 150
Max Number: 10
Cost: $160

Note: Sky troopers can only be attacked by rocket infantry, upgraded turrets, and other sky troopers!

Light Tank:
Speed: 11
Armor: 700
Attack: 150 (Ground - Weak against infantry)
Fire Rate: 40
Range: 250
Max Number: 10
Cost: $500

Cannon Rover:
Speed: 3
Armor: 300
Attack: 650 (Buildings only - Can't attack units)
Fire Rate: 170
Range: 600
Max Number: 10
Cost: $1100
Real strategy, real 3D! Renegade Commanders is a RTS (real time strategy) game that is brought to you by! Build your army, manage your economy, plan your strategy's and destroy the enemy.
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