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Speedrunner Tutorial

This tutorial will guide you along the first few levels of Speedrunner. Here, you can read about how to run, jump, slide and use your grappling hook!

Level 0: The Prologue

So, you just found out that there's a bomb planted at the end of this level. Well, don't just stand there, let's go and dismantle it!

Use the left and right cursor keys to start running.

Be careful not to run into obstacles, as these buggers slow you down. Instead, use the Z key to jump.
Quickly tap the Z key to make a small jump, or
Press and hold the Z key to get more airtime.
Pro tip: jumping slows you down. So if you're trying to get the quickest time, be sure to keep your jumps as small as possible!

Use the down cursor key to slide under these obstacles.

This is a speed boost. It temporarily boosts your speed, yay awesome!

This is a winged sandal. Find and collect all of these to unlock a bonus level at the end of the game (you can see in the level select menu how many winged sandals you have collected in each level, and how many you've missed).

Whoopz, you can't reach this one without a grappling hook. Maybe you should come back later to pick this one up. First, let's focus on dismantling that bomb!

That's the bomb right there, better get rid of it right away! (Just run over it to start dismantling the bomb).

Yay, we made it!
We even got a bronze medal. Now, you can always return to this level later to finish it quicker to get a silver or even a gold medal! The time left on the clock represents your score. Submit your score to compete with friends and the rest of the world, or continue to the next level!

Speedrunner has saved the day, and receives a grappling hook!

Level 1: Another bomb!

It's time for us to try out our new grappling hook! Press Z to jump over the obstacle and then press X to shoot the grappling hook at the white ceiling. Remember, the grappling hook can only grab onto white ceilings! Pro tip: The grappling hook can get you across large gaps, and gives you a speed boost as well! Use it to set new record times!

The Chase

Oh no! The mad bomber has found you and is chasing you with his diabolical machine of death, destruction and other nasty stuff. Use all your previously learned skills to outrun the machine, or a bleak fate will befall you...

Level 3: In the City

After escaping the mad bomber's diabolical machine, the scientists rewarded you with a wallhanging gadget! You can now hang on to these white walls. Use the jump key (Z) to jump onto a wall, then press jump again to jump away from the wall. Repeat this to quickly climb up.

Good luck!
Alright, that's it! You're on your own now to defeat the mad bomber! Before we go, remember that...

You can change the control scheme by clicking on the controller icon in the top right corner.
You can compete with your friends for the best score in each level! Can you set a better score than them in the difficult levels?
There are three bonus levels, which you can play exclusively here at Max Games (just make sure you have unlocked all the gadgets, otherwise you won't be able to complete these levels).
If you get a gold medal in all levels, you can collect a cool award at

Now go and save the city!

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